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Municipalities Headquarter (South East Asia)

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,

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Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is made of 135 business units worldwide

Microelectronics & Photovoltaic

Leveraging on technology, expertise and experience to contribute to business growth and create value for the microelectronics & photovoltaic industries.

A constant supply of quality water is crucial for the microelectronics industry. Ensuring the reliability of water services in terms of quality, quantity and more importantly continuity is a priority.

The industry has increasingly relied on cutting edge and innovative technologies, advanced facilities to produce ultrapure water, treat wastewater, recover products and recycle & reuse water for better resources management and water conservation.

Veolia has unparalleled experience and the capability to process the entire water cycle in a facility, from the ultra pure water, to waste water, from process water to recycling & reuse.

  • Strong experience with Wafer Fabs, TFT-LCD, PCB and hard drive applications
  • Membranes technologies
  • High purity deionization
  • TOC reduction by UV
  • Engineering solutions for advanced technological performance
  • Product recovery

With more than 200 projects designed & built in South East Asia in the Microelectronics and Photovoltaic industries, Veolia offers cost-effective water treatment solutions for Greenfield sites, facility expansions and plant upgrades from packaged plants to turnkey installations and long-term operating services.

Creating value with EVALED™ technology

Evaporators for industrial waste and process waters treatment, with a maximum capacity of 250 tons of distillate/24h have been developed to optimize wastewater treatment and comply with environmental regulations.

Completely computer-based for continuous function without operator, EVALED™ evaporators allow high concentration ratios, good separation levels as well as reuse of the distillate as by-product and a decrease in volumes to be disposed.

Technical Expertise

We understand that, to meet the rising demand and address water challenges, the microelectronics and photovoltaic industries must rely on cutting edge and innovative technologies, improved effectiveness, and sustainable water management. Our customers benefit from a global technical expertise in:

  • Make up and primary DI
  • Polished DI
  • Recycling & reuse
  • Valuable products recovery (metals, coolant, nickel, etc.)
  • Wastewater
  • Zero-liquid discharge

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